February is a time to reflect on everything that we love: our families, our kids, a huge plate of loaded nachos dripping with cheese and avocado…you get the picture! But, seriously, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on your love of teaching, too! And you can show your appreciation to your students with these bright printable number posters for preschool. Perfect for your Valentine’s theme!

Free Printable Valentine's Day Number Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Valentine’s Day Number Poster Supplies:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Writing Utensils (pencils, crayons, or markers)

The Valentine’s Day FREE Printable Number Posters for Classroom fit with your Valentine’s Day theme all February long while engaging preschoolers in a fun math activity. They will love the colorful paper heart designs so much that they won’t even realize they are actually practicing important math skills!

The free printable includes: Number mats with numerals 0-10, an additional set of mats featuring the number words zero through ten, AND a Spanish version! Can you feel the love?!

A child's hand pointing at the number 4 on a Valentine's themed number poster.

Math Center Activities for Preschool

I love teaching preschool math because it is literally so much fun. There are no “sit down and listen” lessons, no piles of endless worksheets. It’s ALL hands-on math games and activities that allow children to explore and learn at their own pace.

Preschool Valentine math, and math throughout the seasons, gives opportunities for young minds to grasp concepts like counting, numerals, patterns, shapes, and more.

Free number poster printables are ideal because students can practice many different skills relating to numbers:

  • Counting
  • Recognizing numbers in numeral form
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Fine motor development
  • Number word recognition
  • Language skills/vocabulary
All of the Valentine's Day Number Posters for 1-10 fanned out.

How to Use the Printable Valentine’s Day Counting Mats

Begin by printing, cutting and protecting the Valentine’s Day math activity. Laminating the smaller number cards after cutting them is probably the best way to protect this activity because each card is a half sheet of paper.

However, if you are pressed for time, you could leave the pages uncut and slide them into a plastic sleeve.

Students who have background knowledge from previous math lessons can work independently to explore the number cards. Students who struggle with counting or numeral identification may need additional guidance.

There are many different options for this favorite Valentine’s Day activity. Use the printable Valentine’s theme for preschool however it works best in your classroom.

  • Use the numeral mats in random order, asking children to count the hanging hearts aloud.
  • Put the numeral mats in sequential order 0-10.
  • Match each numeral with its written number.
  • Use manipulatives, like play dough or candy hearts, to place on each hanging heart while counting them.
  • Match the Spanish words with the English words.
Valentine's Day Number Posters for numbers 1-3 in English and Spanish.

Extension Ideas for the Valentine’s Math Activity

Feel free to adapt the printable Valentine’s preschool activity in a way that works for you and your students.

Incorporate ten frames by placing the designated number of objects on a ten frame first, so students see each number in a more uniform way.

Pair the math activity with a Valentine themed story like, “The Day it Rained Hearts.”

Use the posters as a bulletin board throughout February to refer to during circle time.

Practice tracing/writing the numerals and words with dry erase markers or crayons on top of laminated cards.

Provide Valentine number coloring pages for students to take home to reinforce these important concepts.

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Valentine's Day raining hearts number posters for preschool
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