Easy Sensory Bottle Penguin Activities for Preschoolers

The Penguins of Madagascar, Pip from T.O.T.S, and Mumble from Happy Feet are all famous penguins in my house. It’s hard for kids not to love those adorable black and white birds! My kids not only jump at any opportunity to watch penguins, but they also get incredibly excited about any winter theme preschool activity that involves them. Easy sensory bottle penguin activities for preschool will have your little one jumping (or waddling) for joy as they create a fun penguin themed sensory bottle!

Penguin snow globe craft.

Sensory bottle DIY crafts are simple and inexpensive to create, making them one of my favorite preschool winter activities!

Another reason sensory bottles are at the top of my favorite projects for kids list is because they are the perfect activity for kids to help with! Your kids will love helping measure, pour, and mix materials to create a mesmerizing sensory bottle.

What Are Sensory Bottles:

If you have ever wondered about sensory bottles and how to make them you have come to the right place.

Sensory bottles, also sometimes called discovery bottles, are containers filled with glue, water, and filler that stimulate the senses.

The bottles typically contain glitter or confetti, making them super sparkly and very appealing to a young child’s sense of sight.

It is so easy to combine playful learning and sensory activities for kids using sensory bottles, bags, jars, and bins!

Sensory bins are a great way to really incorporate the sense of touch. Bottles, bags, and jars contain the mess a little bit better while still providing plenty of sensory exploration opportunity!

Planning Sensory Based Preschool Winter Activities:

Sensory activities are extremely important to the development of toddlers and preschoolers. They help with brain development, fine motor skills, and can help build and strengthen vocabulary!

Planning winter sensory activities for kids is an easy way to ensure that little ones are having enough sensory experiences.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate sensory play into your Christmas activities or lesson plans:

  • Make gingerbread scented play dough.
  • Create a sensory bin and add snow or ice cubes for a cold touch.
  • Winter crafts for kids are the perfect opportunity for sensory play. The more materials of varying textures, the better! (felt sheets, foam sheets, glitter, pipe cleaners, puffy glue and buttons are just a few of the many materials you can use for your crafts!)
  • Cut paper snowflakes out of white card stock or paper plates. Sprinkle chunky glitter on them for a fun craft idea with texture!
  • Try making a fun snowman craft sensory bottle.
  • This five senses Christmas book is another awesome sensory activity to make with your little one!
  • Play musical instruments while you sing or listen to your favorite Christmas songs!

How To Make Your Own Sensory Bottle Preschool Winter Craft:


  • three 6 oz clear plastic jars with lids
  • penguin toys
  • clear elmers glue
  • water
  • iridescent glitter (you may want to use two or three different colors)
  • hot glue gun
Penguin snow globe making supplies.


Using your hot glue gun, adhere the penguin to the lid of the jar. To do this, apply hot glue to the feet of the penguins and press them against the inside of the lid.

Gluing penguins to lids to make snow globes.

Fill each jar half way full with clear glue.

Add glitter to each of your jars. Use as much (or as little) as you would like!

Supplies for making penguin sensory bottles.

Add water to your jars. Do not overfill the jars, as the penguins will take up some room when you attach the lid.

Penguins in lids to make snow globes.

Carefully attach the lid with the penguin to the jar.

Once the lid is secure, gently shake the jar until all of the glue, water, and glitter are mixed together.

Penguin snow globe craft.

More Ideas For This Sensory Jar:

  • Add snowflake shaped confetti or glitter to your jar.
  • Fill your jar with other arctic animal figurines such as polar bears or fox.
  • Combine your diy sensory art project with a book or video to tie in learning about penguins!
  • Create an arctic diorama as a larger habitat for your penguin jar.
  • Work with your little one to name your penguin and write a story about him or her.
Penguin snow globe craft.

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