I remember the first time my preschooler expressed interest in learning letters!  I was so excited to begin teaching, but a little nervous to have such a big responsibility helping him learn the entire alphabet.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with activities when you are beginning to teach the alphabet and letter recognition to young children!  These Free Printable Penguin Theme Preschool Alphabet Worksheets are the perfect place to start! 

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One thing I have learned is that repetition is key when it comes to working on letters with little ones!  The more exposure a learner can have to a letter, the better!

These Free Printable Alphabet Worksheets provide plenty of practice with letters in a variety of ways!

What Skills Can Be Practiced Using These Free Printable Preschool Alphabet Worksheets?

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How To Use These Free Alphabet Tracing Worksheets:

Tools you’ll need

Fellowes laminator
Nuova laminating pouches set of 200 3 mil sheets

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

Print out the alphabet practice sheets onto plain white paper or cardstock.  For a quick and easy activity that can be used multiple times, laminate the pages or slip them into clear plastic sleeves.  

Even if you are not planning on using all the pages at once, it is a good idea to print them all out and prepare them at once so you have them when you need them!

Store them in a folder or three ring binder to keep them organized and easily accessible!

A child completing a penguin themed alphabet practice sheet.

There are three separate parts to these Free Alphabet Worksheets! 

  • Diagrams for how to write the letters!  These images show not only the letters, but also provide numbers and arrows to show little ones where to start forming the letter and the direction and shape they should move their pencil in.
  • Letter tracing and space to practice!  There are five lines for practicing tracing capital and lowercase letters, as well as blank lines if your child is ready to write the letters on his or her own!
  • Find and color!  On every worksheet, an adorable penguin has a letter search.  Little ones find and color the letter that they are working on.
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Other Ways To Use These Penguin Activity Worksheets For Kids:

There are plenty of educational activities you can do with these alphabet worksheets for kindergarten and preschoolers!

  • If your little learner has mastered writing their letters, use them for practice writing words or their name.  For example, instead of having them write the letter “A” repeatedly, have them trace or write the words and, at, or apple.  
  • If you child needs more support in writing the letters of the alphabet independently, you can write more letters on the blank lines for them to trace!
  • Put the letters of your child’s name into a small folder or binder.  Have them practice those letters to help with name identification.
  • Use the Alphabet Practice Sheet as a goal setting page for writing lowercase and capital letters.  Circle the letters you want your little one to work on for the week or month and have them practice tracing them daily.  This also will make the paper a little less overwhelming if they don’t want to trace the entire alphabet every day.
  • Practice letter sounds:  ask your child what sound the letter they are practicing writing makes.  If they don’t know, tell them and brainstorm words that begin with that sound.
  • Hide letter cards in a sensory bin. Once your little learner finds a letter, have them practice tracing it. Hunting for letters in the bin will give them a nice break in between letters!
  • Work on counting skills!  Have your little one count how many capital and lower case letters they find in the letter search on the penguin.

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Penguin theme alphabet tracing worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarteners
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