I love coffee. No, I love coffee. Really. I do. Sad truth… I don’t have any coffee filters in my house. Which means *I* didn’t have any in my craft stash for the 7th day of “Learn with Your Craft Stash”… Ahhh!!! Luckily, my friend Jennifer from Study at Home Mama, came to my rescue with this super fun tie dye butterfly craft made with coffee filters! This looks like a fantastic craft to add to a butterfly learning theme!

Tie Dye Butterfly craft! This is so cute and it looks so easy to do!
These tie dye butterflies are such a fun way to learn about color mixing! They make great Mother's Day gifts too!

How to make the butterflies:

Protect your crafting area with a plastic tablecloth or trash bag for easy clean-up.

Provide each child with a coffee filter, clothespin and paint brush.

Kids can share paints and water if needed.

The kids can drip the water colors onto the filters or ‘paint’ them.

Allow the filters to dry.

Slide the filter into the clothespin creating the wings of the butterfly.

Not only is this a great craft to add to any butterfly theme, it’s also a great art lesson for young children. You can help them to observe the blending of the colors as they spread on the coffee filters.

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