Does your child have a need for speed? Do they love racing? Are there small cars lying all around your house just waiting to be pushed down a track? If so, I have the perfect free kids printable valentine card for you. Matchbox car loving boys and girls will love Free Printable Race Car Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids!

Free valentine kids cards are a great way to save money, and give a unique card to your students or your child’s friends or classmates.

Free Race Car Valentine Cards

With four fun phrases to choose from, your child will love personalizing each card and making it extra special.

Phrases include:

  • You’re first place in my heart, friend!
  • I like how you roll, Valentine!
  • You really drive me wild, Valentine!
  • You’re a wheelie great friend!

How To Use This Car Themed Valentine’s Card:

This valentine for kids to print is super easy to get ready to hand out!

Print the card onto white card stock. Let your child sign their name on the cards, have them trace their name, or just have them write the first letter of their name and you can help with the rest.

The free Race Car Valentine's Day Cards printed out.

You can give the card as a stand alone valentine, or attach it to a matchbox car for a cute gift idea!

If you want to include a car with your card here are a few ideas for assembly:

  • tape the valentine to the car
  • hole punch the corner of the valentine and thread a ribbon through then tie the ribbon around the car
  • put the car into a small bag and use the valentine card as a gift tag
The Race Car Valentine's Day Cards printed and cut out surrounded by toy cars.

Fun ideas for using your Valentine’s Day Race Car:

Try some of these fun ideas for using matchbox cars you already have, or for using a matchbox car given as a Valentine’s gift!

  • Tear off a large piece of white paper and have your child create their own race track. Empty cardboard boxes also work great for this.
  • Practice counting by zooming your race car down a number line.
  • Add race cars to a sensory bin for a new, fun racing terrain.
  • Create a race car board game. Draw a starting and finishing point, as well as some boxes in between. Take turns rolling a die and move the car that many spaces. First one to the finish line wins!
  • Make an outdoor race track using side walk chalk to take the fun outside.
A close up of a child holding a

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