Students will love learning their colors with these 8 color recognition card games. Fast paced, energetic matching of colors and color words with friendly competition. Sorting, matching, making sets and more opportunities for your students to practice their color recognition knowledge.

color recognition card games

Games for individual, partner, small group and whole class are included with almost endless opportunities for differentiation.

10 formats of color cards included:

Two sets of word cards: one written in black for word recognition and one written in coordinating colors to provide immediate word/color recognition.

Eight sets of pictures for students to match to the color words.

color purple cards

8 different color recognition card games:

  • Slap-It!
  • Memory Match It! (with included sorting page)
  • Go Fish
  • Snap
  • P-I-G
  • Line Up!
  • Swat Relay
star cards

Instruction pages to display at the center are included and most games can be easily played by young children without adult assistance.

You can print all of the games to use individually or print one set of cards to use one game at a time. Because it requires lots of colored ink to print, I highly recommend using HP Instant Ink if possible. I have used it for over a year and it has saved me so much money on ink and I never run out.

Get the Color Recognition Card Games:

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