Free Preschool St. Patrick’s Day Counting Activities

St. Patrick’s Day counting activities for preschoolers are a great way to practice math skills while celebrating the holiday. Learning activities that capitalize on specific seasons and holidays pique young kids’ interests while sneaking in important concepts. In addition, preschoolers expand their background knowledge to include new vocabulary and ideas associated with that St. Patrick’s Day theme!

Free St Patrick's Day Number Board Game

The Free Printable Preschool St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities for Counting is a fun math hands on activity to practice counting! Just print enough game boards for your group, print and fold the number cube (optional), and your students are ready to roll-literally!

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St. Patrick’s Day Math for Preschoolers

You won’t find a preschool lesson plan book that doesn’t include some type of St. Patrick’s Day art project or storybook. Why not keep the theme rolling by including as many core subjects and skills as possible?

We know the importance of keeping kids engaged in their learning, and that’s exactly what holiday themed activities do.

Counting is a foundational math skill that takes lots of repetition in order for students to gain fluency.

Counting fluency is the ability to quickly and easily count forwards, backwards, and skip count. When children gain this fluency, it is easier for them to understand more complex concepts, like counting objects in groups, adding, subtracting, and manipulating numbers.

This St. Patrick’s Day math activity for preschool is a fun game that gets kids counting without the monotony. They’ll be so engaged in rolling, counting and moving their pieces they won’t even realize they’re becoming more fluent counters.

St. Patrick's Day math bundle

How to Use the St. Patrick’s Math Games for Preschoolers

  • paper
  • color printer
  • scissors
  • laminator/plastic sleeves
  • star-shaped erasers
To Create:

The St. Patrick’s free printable math activity for preschool is super easy to prep. Just print the gameboard and the die in color.

Then, protect the pages however you like. If it’s a “one and done” activity, you probably don’t need to worry about it. If you plan to keep it in your lesson plans for the month, or save for next year, laminate or put into plastic sleeves.

Print the die, laminate (highly recommend), then fold on the dashed lines. Tape or glue the die together using the tabs on the printout. Alternatively, you can use a regular six-sided die.

The printed and cut out dice for the St Patrick's Day board game.

Gather some type of game piece, including the star shaped erasers shown or some other small object that fits well onto the game spaces.

That’s it! Your St. Patrick’s Day preschool math activity is ready!

To Play:
A child playing the free printable St Patrick's Day math activity.

Pair students up OR they can play individually.

  1. Place game markers on the orange shamrock to begin.
  2. Designate who goes first (ie., the younger/older child, the student with a birthday in March, the student wearing green, etc.)
  3. Student one rolls the die and announces the number.
  4. Student one moves his game piece the appropriate number of spots on the gameboard. I like to encourage counting out loud to help oral counting fluency.
  5. Student two repeats!


A child's hand moving the player token for the St Patrick's Day math activity board game.
  • Use gold coins, lucky charms, or small green pompoms as game pieces.
  • Students that are ready for addition and subtraction can roll two dice, then find either the sum or difference before moving on the gameboard.
  • Challenge students with a cube that has number words instead of numerals.
  • Create a “pot of gold” at the end of the gameboard by placing a small treat there for each player.
  • Adapt to a Count and Clip activity for fine motor skill development: Cut the printable die into individual numbers and use them as clip cards where students roll, then clip the appropriate number with a clothespin.

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  1. For kids who are also working on number recognition, you could play this like Candy Land… roll the die and move to the next spot with that number.