Here is another pretend play set to add to your collection! This free printable printable set for sensory play is great for play dough, sensory bins or even on its own!

princess themed printable pretend play set for sensory bins and play dough

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Princess Pretend Play Set

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Scissors

To use:

Print, laminate and cut out the figures.

We decided to play with this princess printable set in our pink sensory bin that we made earlier this week. You can use it in any sensory bin or in play dough too. We often use our play sets in different sensory bins and play doughs depending on the kids’ whims for the day.

My girls are princess-loving girls, so the combination of pink sensory bin and pretty little princess was completely irresistible to all of them. My two oldest girls had even more fun than the little ones, I think!

princess sensory bin

I love having activities that will keep all of my kids interested! With our lack of space, it’s really important to have activities that everyone will enjoy.

princess printable2

These printables are great for practicing social skills! The kids have the opportunity to work out disagreements between each other and learn flexibility when working with each other’s play ideas.

playing princess

For my littlest one, Shiloh, they are great for building her vocabulary skills. And her skills in general!

princess themed printable pretend play set for sensory bins and play dough
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Kim Staten is a mother of four children ages 20, 19, 16, and 12. Kim has taught at the preschool, kindergarten and early elementary levels for 16 years. With extensive experience working with special needs children, including her own children with special needs (Rett Syndrome, autism, anxiety, and ADHD), she creates hands-on curricula and activities that are great for working with children of all abilities in the classroom and at home. Hands-on, accessible activities are her passion. 

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