Although it comes with cold weather, nasty roads and everything gets wet, snow is so magical. It creates such a calming peace when watching it from inside my warm house! Snow themed activities for preschool are engaging ways to teach a variety of topics. 25+ Snow Theme Activities Ideas For Kids is a compilation of my favorite snow themed preschool activities. I have included math, literacy, art & crafts, sensory and science. These are perfect for filling up a snow and ice themed week or creating fun activities for a snow day.

– Life Over C's 25+ Super Fun Snow Activity Ideas For Kids. Kids will love these snow themed learning activities including math, science, literacy, art & crafts, and sensory activities!

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Snow Theme Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten



Activities like preschool snow painting or winter science experiments for preschool with snow really put a whole new perspective on winter! Instead of just being something fun to play in, snow takes on more meaning.

You can extend a snow and ice preschool theme all across the curriculum! I have included winter printables and circle time activities in math, science, literacy, sensory, and art.

Many of the activities are even projects for toddlers. Let them explore with ice cubes, or work on fine motor with winter art projects and other STEM activities.

– Life Over C's Close up of the finished preschool snow and ice cube sensory bin.

What Can Kids Learn With Preschool Snow Theme Printables and Activities?



Preschool snow theme worksheets and activities will engage your students! While working on projects, they will develop and practice a variety of skills:

  • Vocabulary
  • Language
  • Letters and numbers
  • Fine motor skills
– Life Over C's Snowman emotions board game for preschoolers.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Do Winter Theme Activities?

Regardless of the theme, integrating many curricular areas around one theme is a great way for kids to learn.

Background Knowledge

Approaching winter, snow and ice from multiple angles (science, math, art, literacy) really builds a strong store of knowledge related to winter.

Connect with Nature

Using themes like seasons helps kids connect with nature. What better way to learn about snow than to get right out in it?!


It’s no secret that early learning activities must engage the learner. Using themes that are exciting and interesting to children piques their minds and spurs motivation to learn.

Make Connections

When you integrate learning thorugh various themes, kids can then begin to make connections between and among themes. For example, they can compare/contrast winter vs. summer.

More Preschool Winter Snowflake Theme Learning Activity Ideas For Kids


Do your kids like word searches? This printable is not only winter themed but the perfect challenge!

Do your kids like having snow ball fights? Turn that winter fun into an indoor learning activity with this ABC Snow Ball Fight.

This writing tray is perfectly inspired by a snowy day. Everything from the snowflake letter cards and the tray filled with snow. Kids will love this!

This snowy sensory bin is perfect for practicing the alphabet! There are letters beads in the snow but the bin is also perfect for using as a writing tray!

If you have an emergent reader, this snow set is perfect! This will help kids learn different words. This is also fantastic for children who are just learning to count!


Math activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond are great introductions to numbers. These snowflake flash cards will help kids with counting, number recognition and more!

Geoboards are a fantastic way for kids to explore geometry, length, angles and more. This snow activity for preschool uses geoboards to make snowflakes!

This snowball activity is perfect for kids who are learning addition. Plus they are so adorable!

Art & Crafts

The snow doesn’t need much extra to be fun, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a perfect canvas for creating colorful art! And snow themed art projects for preschoolers don’t require clean-up when you do the art on the snow itself!

Decorating for winter is one of our favorite things. Everything is sparkly and shiny like crystal and snow! These DIY Borax Snowflakes are the perfect winter craft for kids to help decorate for winter!

Have you made snowflakes with your kids yet? This is a super fabulous way to make paper snowflakes that will last for years! Extra paper? Make paper a snowman!

Did you know you can make your own window clings? Kids will love how windows can be decorated with their own creations!


Whether you live in a place that doesn’t have snow or you’re just looking for a fun indoor snow activity, this frozen ooblek is sure to please!

Another fabulous indoor snow activity is homemade snow. This recipe is easy and will lead to hours of fun!

This sensory bin is filled with ‘snow’ but is also perfect for exploring the arctic. Animals and nature life are so different from other parts of the world because of the need to keep warm.

If play dough is more your thing, this super fun snow dough recipe is sure to please! This is the perfect snow day activity!


If you are out playing in the snow, you might as well perform winter science activities! First, track animals. This is easy to do by tracking their footprints. Kids can learn a lot from this hands-on activity.

Have you ever wondered how much of snow is actually made up of water? Snow science experiments for preschool really get kids thinking about what that cold white stuff actually is. This winter science experiment can tell you. So cool!

Also, have you ever checked the temperature of snow? The result may surprise you and it’s a simple science experiment for kids.

A blizzard is not something fun to be out in but it would be fun to create in the classroom! The best part is that it can be done with supplies you may already have!

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– Life Over C's 25+ Super Fun Snow Activity Ideas For Kids. Kids will love these snow themed learning activities including math, science, literacy, art & crafts, and sensory activities!
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