Do your kids love flags as much as mine do? We are a patriotic family. My girls love dressing up in red, white, and blue. Patriotic activities for preschoolers are a great way to teach them about our country, the American flag, the 4th of July, Flay Day (June 14th) or other patriotic themes. We have done a red, white, and blue sensory bin every year for many years. It is no surprise that my daughter loves this Free Printable Shape Flag Matching Game. Not only does she love matching shapes games, but this printable matching shapes game is centered around flags! It pairs well with our other shape printables and activities. So celebrate Independence Day this year with this adorable preschool shapes matching game (perhaps while waiting for the fireworks displays)!

– Life Over C's flag theme 2D shape matching game for preschoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Flag Themed Shape Matching Game Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scrapbook Paper

Activities To Learn 2D Shapes For Preschool



Shapes are everywhere, objects are all around us. Preschool flag activities are an opportunity to point out in real life the shapes found on our American flag (and other countries).

Kids who are just learning shapes, though, absolutely love pointing out shapes they see. Have you witnessed this? Once they recognize a shape, all they see is that shape! The same often happens with letters and numbers too.

This flag activity for preschool matching game is perfect for helping children practice shape recognition as well as naming the shapes. My kids love July crafts and themed matching games, as do I, but I also love how incredibly low prep this activity is.

Although this is a valuable shape learning opportunity, you can also tie in 4th of July activities for preschool! The stars and stripes are found on a rectangle, after all!

  • What is the name of this shape?
  • Does it have straight/curved lines?
  • How many sides?
  • How many corners?
– Life Over C's Red, white and blue flag matching game for 2D shapes.

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Playing a Shapes Matching Printable Game?



I included nine shapes in this patriotic preschool activity. Some of them have tricky names and your kids are going to feel so proud about learning them!

  • Trapezoid
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rhombus
  • Octagon
  • Triangle
  • Oval
  • Pentagon
– Life Over C's Shape Matching Game for preschool. Match the shapes and the flags.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About 2D Shapes?

Shapes are all around us. Learning to name and describe shapes gives kids important background information on a variety of topics.

Background Knowledge

Elementary math instruction builds on itself with each year of school. Forming a good foundation of background knowledge in topics from numbers to shapes gives kids what they need to succeed.

Organize Information

Learning shapes and their characteristics is one way that kids learn to organize information. They use visual discernment skills to determine which shapes are alike and/or different.

Enhance Vocabulary

Learning shapes means we have one more thing to talk about with young learners. Being able to name and describe shapes gives kids new vocabulary and opportunities to expand oral language.

Spatial Skills

Looking at shapes and being able to describe the lines, corners, edges, etc., helps kids build spatial relations skills. Knowing a square is still a square when we turn it on its side, for example.

How to Make the 2D Flag Theme Shape Matching Game

To Prep:

This shape matching game is super easy to prep and play!

I love to print matching games on the white side of scrapbook paper. It is an easy way to make bright, fun games and make it harder for kids to see through the cards and “cheat” when they are trying to make matches.

You can also use construction paper for this Fourth of July activity.

Next, use a paper cutter to cut the cards. Laminate if desired. It does ensure durability, which is necessary when working with kids!

– Life Over C's Fun shape matching game with a cute patriotic theme for kindergarten and preschool.

To Play:

Decide how many pieces you will play with per game depending on the child who is playing. Some children may get overwhelmed if ALL of the game pieces are used. 2-3 shapes is a great amount for young learners.

Lay the game pieces upside down on a flat surface such as a table or the floor. We like to line them up in a grid to ensure we can pick the right matches.

Take turns picking two game pieces. If they match, you get to keep them. If they don’t, put the cards face down back into the game.

This continues until all of the matches are found.

Extend the Activity:

Patriotic Crafts

What’s 4th of July in preschool without a craft?! Make American flag crafts with pre-cut rectangles and stars to reinforce shape names!

Play Dough

Use each shape card as inspiration to make the shape outline with playdough. Or use shape cookie cutters if you have them.

Sensory Bin

Put one of the matches into the sensory bin and the other laid out flat. When the child pulls a card from the sensory bin, he/she can match it to the correct piece.

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– Life Over C's flag theme 2D shape matching game for preschoolers
– Life Over C's Click to Get your printable activity here

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