Free Printable Letter E Worksheets: Tracing, Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sounds

If I told you letter recognition worksheets don’t have to be boring would you believe me? Please do! This packet of Free Printable Letter E Worksheets: Tracing, Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sounds gives kindergarten letter worksheets a new reputation! I included fun and engaging ways to explore Letter E. Your students can use do-a-dot markers, scissors and glue, dice and more to explore this amazing vowel. Trust me, this is not your average letter tracing worksheet!

Students will have fun practicing the letter e with these free letter recognition worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.

Learning About Uppercase and Lowercase Letters:



Learning letter names and sounds obviously forms an important literary foundation for young children. It’s typically some of the first learning they do upon entering preschool and kindergarten, and it will become one of the most valuable, as they begin to crack the code we call reading.

I love introducing letters and sounds to early learners because kids learn SO MUCH in a relatively short period of time. It’s magic to see them recognizing and naming uppercase letters, when on the fist day of school they maybe only knew the letters in their own name!

These interactive worksheets for the letter E include so many ways to explore one letter! It gives opportunities for students to identify and name both uppercase and lowercase letter versions, practice writing and tracing the letter, identify words that begin with letter E, sort and discriminate letter E from other letters, and there are even opportunities to read CVC/CVCC words!

There are so many ways teachers can use this awesome packet!

In addition to simply practicing handwriting with a free letter tracing worksheet, you could:

  • Use one of the specific pages that you like to introduce each letter of the alphabet consistently throughout the school year.
  • Place the coloring pages or do-a-dot pages at a center for kids to explore independently.
  • Work with small groups on correct letter formation with any letter(s) in the week’s curriculum.
  • Send the tracing letter worksheets home with students that could use extra practice.
  • Teach students to play the Roll and Write page with a partner as a way to introduce games, taking turns, and other social skills.

What Can Preschoolers Learn From Alphabet Worksheets?



Letter worksheets in preschool and kindergarten are way more than a rote way for students to show you what they know. Because letter names and sounds are brand new to many students, they instead become a way for students to explore each letter in a variety of interesting ways.

Guide students to think about each letter based on the skill you want them focused on. Whether it’s letter formation, sound recognition, letter naming and recognition, or penmanship, this packet gives you lots of options!

  • What is the name of this letter?
  • What sound does it make?
  • Can you think of two words that begin with /e/?
  • Does this letter look like another letter?
  • Do you have this letter in your name?
  • Does uppercase E look the same/different than lowercase e?

Provides Flexibility

“Thank you for creating and sharing such great worksheets and activities. You are truly talented. I love the 3 different handwriting formats. I find that a lot of students have different learning styles and the 3 different formats provide me with flexibility to help many different students.”- Carrie M. School Based OT Asst.

What is included in the Letter E  Worksheets set?

How To Use The Letter E Worksheet Set

How to Use the Activity

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Using the Letter Tracing Worksheets

Print the letter tracing worksheets free, then use them in whatever ways work for your students!

Laminate them and use them at the literacy center, staple packets together to work through a page at a time, or keep the pages separate and introduce each activity individually.

Clearly, the Letter E packet is as diverse as your students! Here is more inspiration, if you need it:

Students practice tracing and sounds with the letter e worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.

Playdough Mats

Use the do-a-dot page of the activity as playdough mats for students to practice shaping the letter E with playdough.

Find and Mark with Block

Laminate the find and color pages and place them next to a set of cubes, blocks, or other small manipulative. Ask students to identify each picture, then place a block on those that begin with /e/.

Roll and Write

Turn roll and write into a partner game, where students take turns to roll, then trace the letter E. When it isn’t their turn, they can trace the letter in the air.

Sensory Bin

Hide letters in the sensory bin and ask students to search for uppercase and lowercase E. Use one of the activity pages to place the Es on when found.

Use Dry Erase

Turn any page into a reusable practice page by laminating it or placing it into a plastic sleeve. Give students dry erase markers and let them practice writing the letter E over and over.

Play a Game

Use the “Words that Start with E” page as a gameboard. Students take turns identifying one of the pics, then placing a plastic letter E into one of the boxes.

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Preschool and kindergarten students will enjoy learning all about the letter e with these free letter tracing worksheets and letter sounds worksheets.
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