Are you ready for some out of this world kid’s Easter eggs? If you are looking for a cool, easy way to decorate Easter eggs, this Galaxy Easter Egg Decorating for Kids is the perfect activity for you. This unique Easter egg design for kids will be a hit with everyone in your family.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

This fun alternative to dyed eggs with food coloring is a great activity for kids of all ages. The layered paint technique is easy for everyone to create and allows for plenty of creativity in the process.

If kids decorating Easter eggs is one of your favorite traditions, this may quickly become a new favorite part of your tradition and your egg decorating rotation.

Benefits Of Decorating Easter Eggs With Kids:

Creating super cute eggs is definitely a benefit of decorating Easter eggs with kids. In addition to that, there are many other benefits to decorating Easter eggs with your kids.

  • Decorating eggs is a great family activity! There are plenty of jobs for everyone, and it is a wonderful tradition to have with your family that they will look forward to every year.
  • Kids love showing off their creative side. Decorating eggs is a great way for children to show off how creative they are and make their own unique designs on their eggs.
  • Egg decorating is an awesome activity for strengthening fine motor skills. Eggs fit perfectly into little hands, and no matter if you are dipping eggs in colored water, coloring them with crayons, painting them with sponges, or putting stickers on them, anyway you decorate puts little hand and wrist muscles to work and is great for hand eye coordination!
  • Any art project you get your child involve in, including dying and decorating eggs, is a great way to de-stress and take some time to enjoy creating beautiful eggs.

Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Kids:

In this galaxy egg activity, painting eggs to create a fun design is the technique that is used. There are many other simple, easy ways to decorate eggs with kids! Here are a few ideas!

  • Use crayons to decorate your eggs. After the eggs have finished boiling and have been drained, immediately draw on them with crayon. Be careful, they will be hot! The warmth from the egg will slightly melt the crayon and create a cool design.
  • Draw on your eggs with permanent marker. Draw polka dots, a fun line pattern, or spring flowers. You can even write the letters of your child’s name, shuffle the eggs around, and have them work on putting the letters in order by moving the eggs ar ound.
  • Mod podge wooden eggs with colorful scrapbook paper.
  • Decorate eggs with washi tape. Create a fun pattern with your tape, or a random design!
  • Use shaving cream or whipped cream, and food coloring for fun a marbled egg design.

How To Decorate Easter Eggs With A Cool Galaxy Design:

Close up of the supplies for the galaxy easter egg decorating for kids.

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To prepare for this activity, you will want to hard boil your eggs and allow them to completely cool. If there is any water or moisture on the outside of your eggs you will want to pat them dry.

Once your eggs are hard boiled, cool, and dry you are ready to begin!

Paint the egg black. You may need about three coats of paint to get it completely covered and have a nice, thick layer of paint. Allow the egg to completely dry.

A hand holding a black painted egg for the galaxy egg painting.

Using one of the pieces of sponge, dab a little bit of royal blue paint onto the egg.

While the blue paint is still wet, use another piece of sponge to dab teal on top of the blue.

A close up of a galaxy easter egg in the process of being painted.

Next, use another piece of sponge to dab pink paint on top of the blue and teal.

Finally, use the gold paint to highlight.

A close up of a hand holding a finished galaxy easter egg.

Let the eggs dry completely.

Warning! This last part can get a little messy. You may want to do it inside of a cardboard box or shoe box to minimize the mess.

Mix the white paint with one or two drops of water. Dip the tooth brush into the mixture.

Flick the bristles of the tooth brush so that the white paint splatters onto the egg. Repeat until the desired effect is achieved.

Let the eggs dry completely overnight.

Other Ideas For Your Galaxy Eggs:

  • Create an outer space themed Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. Add space themed books, stickers, and activities.
  • Wooden eggs can be used instead of hard boiled eggs for your galaxy eggs Easter activity. These decorative eggs will last all year.
  • Give a galaxy Easter egg kit as a gift! Gather all of the materials for the project, place them into a basket, and deliver them to a friend.
  • Hide your eggs indoors or outside for a fun egg scavenger hunt. If you use hard boiled the eggs just make sure you keep track of where they hide them so you don’t end up with a smelly undiscovered egg in your home or backyard!

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