Interactive Farm Scenery for Play Dough bonus FREE Puzzles

If you’ve been around here even a couple times, you should know by now that I am all about interactive, sensory-stimulating, inquisitive activities. (What a mouthful!) This interactive farm play dough pack I am going to share with  you today takes that to an 15 on a scale of 1-10!

Interactive farm bundle with QR tasks cards for preschoolers

After creating this farm scenery play dough kit and activity pack, I had hours (yes, hours) of peace and occupied children in my house! My kindergartener begged me to make other sets. Her wish is my command! (At least in this case…)

play dough interactive farm scenery mega for preschooolers

My almost 3 year-old, who hasn’t gotten of the talking thing yet, starting pointing to the different animals saying their names (in her language) and even made sheep, cow, and horse sounds! VICTORY!!!

The oohing and aahhing went on all night.

So what is so special about this activity pack?

It’s 3-D.

It’s rearrangable.

You can using yummy-smelling play dough. (Ours was lemongrass.)

It starts conversations and imaginations.

And that’s just the beginning.

I included QR code-enabled conversation and inquiry task cards for the little learners. Even those who can’t read yet can use them because when they scan the QR code you can hear my *lovely* voice read the directions to them. So no one misses out on the fun! Scan this picture to test it out:

QR code printable card for farm themed preschoool pack

Fun tasks like “Put the pigs inside the barn.” Inquiry-based tasks like, “Which animals are shorter than the barn door?” Counting tasks such as, “How many lambs does the sheep have?”

There is also a silly dinosaur included, so that kids can talk about what doesn’t belong on the farm.

interactive farm mega math printable pack for preschoolers

The fun doesn’t stop with the play dough set. There are also patterning mats to practice ABAB, AABB, and ABBA, along with an independent discovery mat for students to create their own patterns.

farm pack with pattern practice for preschoolers

Puzzles for matching mothers to their babies
Sorting Mats
Write, Trace and Draw the Room
Clothespin cards for matching, counting to 5 and shortest/tallest
Puzzles for counting to 10

farm mega printable pack with handwriting pages

Get the Interactive Farm Mega Pack:


This interactive farm scenery mega pack has so many activities for preschoolers!

And because I’m so excited about them I wanted to a share a little extra freebie for skip counting with you!

Play dough farm activities for preschoolers
Skip Counting Farm-themed Freebie!

More Farm Activities You’ll Love!

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