Free Printable Farm Animal Masks That Your Kids Will Love

I just had to make some fun, free farm animal masks for you because our butterfly masks were such a hit! Today I have farm animal masks  for you. My daughters loved trying on the different masks while they were doing school. Because pretending to be a sheep while you are working on math is much more fun than being yourself… Bonus points if you can read the math problems aloud in a Sheep-y voice!

farm animal masks

Materials needed for the Free Farm Animal Masks:


Laminating Pouches


Paper cutter or scissors

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Just for fun, I have made some farm animal masks. Because learning is so much more fun when you are a chick. Or a sheep. Or a cow. (well, maybe not a cow…)

To create the masks, simply print on card stock and/or laminate. Cut around the outside of the head, cut the eye holes (I use a box cutter), poke one hole near each ear and thread a piece of string or elastic through to create a mask.
sheep, chick, hen, horse, pig, cow printable masks

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  1. thank you for the quick response absolutely love these for my children and preschool kids 🙂 thank you very very much !

  2. The link to download the masks is near the end of the post. It says “Click here to download the farm animal masks.”