Do you love trying new DIY activities with your kids? We have a great homemade playdough recipe, and we have even made our own moon sand and slime too. There is just something extra fun about working together to mix up all the ingredients for a fun sensory play activity. If you have never made cloud dough, this is a super easy 2- Ingredient Homemade Cloud Dough Recipe that I know you will love!

– Life Over C's Easy Homemade Cloud Dough

Recommended Grade Level:

Cloud Dough Supplies:

  • Cornstarch
  • Hair Conditioner

This cloud dough recipe with conditioner and cornstarch is incredibly easy to make and will keep your kids occupied for hours!

What Is Cloud Dough?

Cloud dough is a soft dough you can make yourself. It is easy to make and so fun to play with!

Some cloud dough is made with flour and oil, but this recipe calls for cornstarch and conditioner.

Once you have made your cloud dough you will find it is very similar to playing with play dough. It can be rolled, smashed, and squeezed into all kinds of shapes.

Why Is Cloud Dough Good For Kids?

  • Cloud dough is perfect for sensory play! The scent of the hair conditioner along with the feeling of the dough on little fingers are both good for stimulating the senses.
  • Since the mixture can be rolled into balls of dough and manipulated in many different ways, it is awesome for fine motor skills. Playing with dough helps to strengthen finger and hand muscles, which will help children perform fine motor skill tasks like picking up small objects and tying their shoe laces.
  • Playing with cloud dough is a wonderful way to get your child to be creative! Encourage them to create fun shapes, new creatures, or cool towers with their dough.

How To Make Cloud Dough With Conditioner:

– Life Over C's Ingredients needed for making cloud dough.

Instructions For Making 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough:

Kids will love helping you make this cloud dough recipe with cornstarch and hair conditioner.

In a mixing bowl, combine the cornstarch and conditioner. Use a spoon to mix the two together and press the back of the spoon into the dough until it has a sandy look.

– Life Over C's Mixing the ingredients for homemade cloud dough.

Grab a handful of the dough to test it out. If the dough is too sticky, add more cornstarch. If the dough is too dry, add more conditioner.

Once you have finished kneading and mixing your dough and it is the perfect consistency, place it onto a shallow tray for your child to play with.

– Life Over C's Mixing conditioner and flour to make cloud dough.

How To Store Cloud Dough:

For best results, you should store cloud dough in an airtight container at room temperature.

– Life Over C's Homemade Cloud Dough

Other Ideas For Cloud Dough DIY Activities:

  • If you loved making cloud dough with cornstarch and conditioner, check out this homemade play dough recipe!
  • Add small toys, measuring cups, cookie cutters, or plastic stamps to create fun designs, or just have fun creating and playing with your hands.
  • Work on writing your child’s name with their finger in the cloud dough.
  • Roll out thin strips of cloud dough and form them into letters or numbers.
  • Use colored conditioner or add a few drops of food coloring for some colorful cloud dough.
  • Check out one of our fun pretend play printable sets to turn your cloud dough into a dramatic play center.

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– Life Over C's Easy Homemade Cloud Dough
– Life Over C's how to make your own cloud dough

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