The only thing better than delicious party food is delicious party food that reminds you of your favorite movie! These Easy Frozen Themed Snacks for Preschool: Chocolate Bark are the perfect complement to any Frozen themed party you have! The beautiful swirling of the blue and white chocolate, and the shimmering glitter and sprinkles will have you dreaming of Elsa’s ice castle and wishing you could build a snowman!

Frozen themed chocolate bark for kids! The perfect easy snack for kids who love Disney's Frozen or Frozen 2 movies! An easy recipe for kids

My kids love everything Disney Frozen related! We are always searching for Frozen preschool themed activities and this one is a keeper!

Why Should I Cook With Kids?

My family loves to cook together! Even if it is making something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my kids are always eager to pitch in and help!

If cooking with kids is like venturing into the unknown for you, then simple recipes for preschoolers like this one are the best place to start! There are so many wonderful benefits to cooking with children!

  • Cooking is a great sensory play activity! Food has so many different textures that little hands will love exploring! (Cooking with kids can be a little messy, but the memories you will make and the smiles on your kids’ faces will make it worth the mess!)
  • Reading and math skills can be reinforced through cooking and following recipes!
  • Just talking with your kids while you are baking or cooking is a fantastic way to develop vocabulary and work on language skills!
  • Creativity and independence are promoted in the kitchen! Little ones love having special jobs to do and putting their own unique spin on recipes!
  • Cooking together is a wonderful way for families to bond!

How to Make Frozen Themed Chocolate Bark:


  • ½ cup each Wilton’s Chocolate Discs in White, Light Blue, Dark blue
  • Blue Edible Glitter
  • Silver Sugar Crystals
  • Wilton’s Blue & White Candy Sprinkle Snowballs

Additional Supplies:

  • Three bowls (microwave safe if you are using the microwave to melt the chocolate)
  • Three spoons for stirring the chocolate
  • One knife
  • One cookie sheet
  • Parchment paper


First you will want to prepare your cookie sheet. Line it with parchment paper for an easy clean up!

While you are getting your cookie sheet ready and gathering your other materials you may want to put on some Frozen music to really get you in the mood to make your treats!

Follow the instructions on the package of the chocolate disks to melt each color in separate bowls.

Once all three colors are melted you will layer them one by one onto the parchment paper lined cookie sheet. After all three colors have been completely poured, swirl them together with a knife! (Can you see Elsa’s beautiful ice magic happening?!)

Little hands will love helping with this next part! Sprinkle the glitter, sugar crystals, and snowballs onto the poured chocolate before it dries.

Once your chocolate bark has been decorated to perfection let it dry completely!

Break or cut it into pieces once it has dried and get ready to enjoy your fun Frozen inspired chocolate bark!

More Frozen Activities For Kids:

Still looking for more preschool activities for a Frozen themed birthday party or movie night? Here are some more ideas!

  • Have left over sprinkles, glitter, and snowballs? Use them to create other Frozen party food! Decorate snowflake sugar cookies or make Frozen cupcakes using the leftover materials!
  • Kids love science experiments! Check out this Fizzing Ice experiment to go along with your Frozen theme party!
  • Create a Frozen themed sensory bin for little ones to play with!
  • Play pin the carrot nose on Olaf!

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Frozen Themed Chocolate Bark
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