One of my kids favorite Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree as a family. We usually have on a holiday movie, drink hot cocoa, and reminisce about ornaments that were made in the past. You can make great memories too with your family and create these DIY Christmas ornaments for kids. These adorable ornaments are super easy to make and look festive and bright on your Christmas tree.

– Life Over C's Create a cheap homemade Christmas ornament with kids for your Christmas theme.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Clear Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

  • Clear Christmas Ornament
  • Mini Christmas Bulbs

Learning About Fine Motor Skills:

homemade christmas ornaments for kids

Fine motor skills are used with your children as infants and forward. These skills are important to develop additional skills like:

Turning the page of a book. Eating a snack with their fingers. Coloring a picture.

Your wonderful DIY filled Christmas ornament can be made anytime for decorations or as a gift.

In addition to practicing fine motor skills, here are some more ideas for what you can teach when making the DIY Christmas bulb ornament:

  • Math skills such as identifying colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Literacy skills including vocabulary and oral language development.
  • Social/emotional skills like thinking of others and sharing.
– Life Over C's Decorate your Christmas tree with these kid-made Christmas ornaments using clear Christmas ornaments and miniature Christmas ornaments.

What Can Preschoolers Learn About Creating Projects?

christmas ornament kid craft ideas

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should do arts and crafts activities with your child.


Do you want to use tape or glue? Which would make the materials stick better? How to fill plastic Christmas ornaments. Making crafts develops critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

Patience My Child

Waiting for the glue or paint to dry on a project will build patience. Resilience can also be tested when the project doesn’t go as planned or starts to fall apart.

Math Work

Making Christmas bulbs ornaments use various math concepts. Identifying patterns and boosting counting skills are two important concepts that can be practiced.

Sharing Is Caring

Working together on a project with a friend or adult can show a child how important it is to share materials and work collaboratively to get the job done.

– Life Over C's Cheap homemade Christmas ornament for preschool kids using a clear Christmas bulb and miniature Christmas bulbs for a Christmas fine motor activity.

How To Make This Ornament


Seriously, this craft is so easy to make!

First, grab the 2-supplies from your local craft store, dollar store, or order them in bulk on Amazon.

Then, simply remove the top from the clear Christmas plastic ornament and place the tiny Christmas bulb ornaments inside.

Kids can use their creativity to make a multi-colored ornament or separate the colors of the miniature ornaments.

Then, use the ornaments to decorate their own Christmas tree or give as a Christmas gift.

Preparing a Christmas theme for Your Preschoolers

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Extend the Activity:

Making Patterns

Allow your child to pick two or three different colored mini bulbs to recognize and recreate a color pattern.

Decorating Party

Use the remainder of your clear bulb ornaments to create these additional easy DIY Christmas decorations.

Candy Fillers

Have your child fill their ornament with candy canes, tiny gifts, pom poms, or even a letter written by your sweet kiddo.

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– Life Over C's Create a cheap homemade Christmas ornament with kids for your Christmas theme.

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