Quick Christmas Bulbs Ornament for Kids

A wonderful tradition is to make ornaments with your kids. Being able to make Christmas ornaments with your kids can provide hours of fun. The cool thing about making these fast and easy Christmas bulb ornaments is that you can enjoy this holiday tradition no matter the skill level of your kids and no child feels left out because something was too hard for them.

 Create a cheap homemade Christmas ornament with kids for your Christmas theme.

Kid made Christmas ornaments can melt the heart of anyone who receives one. This simple Christmas bulbs ornament requires just two supplies and takes no time to create. I highly recommend you buy a bulk amount of products so that you can use these as a kid made Christmas ornament to decorate the family or classroom tree during the holiday season.

I’m simply amazed at how gorgeous this simple Christmas ornament craft is all the while remaining quite festive. This is a fun preschooler craft to enjoy before the holiday break arrives, or to keep your kids busy during the holiday break. If you didn’t opt to make this Christmas bulbs ornament in time to hang upon your tree, you can always have your kids make some to hang on next year’s tree.

What are the best homemade gifts?

The best homemade gifts from kids are pretty much anything your kids have worked to create. Using your kids creativity to make homemade gifts for friends and family will help encourage your kids to be more generous, kind, and creative for years to come. If you’re thinking about having your kids make homemade gifts this year, here are some excellent ideas:

I have a lot of Christmas activities for kids featured on my site to help you get through this busy time of year. Kids may have a short attention span as they await the excitement of Santa’s arrival and that’s why you really need to use my list of Christmas crafts for kids to keep them occupied.

Why Craft with Kids?

Encourages a Sense of Pride

Crafting with kids during the Christmas season helps encourage a sense of pride, self-accomplishment, and joy as your kids work to create some magical homemade gifts or items to hang upon the holiday tree.

Boosts Confidence

You should craft with kids because it helps give them that feeling of pride for a job well done. As your kids work to finish their Christmas bulb ornament, you’ll see their face light up with joy and pride. Encouraging independent craft creations gives your kids a confidence boost.

Expands Creative Thinking

Lastly, you know as well as I do, doing crafts with kids helps expand their creative thinking skills. As your kids work to place the bulbs inside their Christmas ornament, they’ll be using their creative thinking skills to ensure the bulbs look pretty inside their homemade Christmas ornament.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas bulbs ornament. This craft session will help your children get excited about Christmas and give them something unique to hang on the family Christmas tree.

How Do I Make the Christmas Bulb Ornament?

First, grab the 2-supplies from your local craft store, dollar store or order them in bulk on Amazon.

Cheap homemade Christmas ornament for preschool kids using a clear Christmas bulb and miniature Christmas bulbs for a Christmas fine motor activity.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Clear plastic Christmas ornaments
  • Miniature Christmas bulb ornaments

Then, simply remove the top from the clear Christmas ornament and place the tiny Christmas bulb ornaments inside.

Kids can use their creativity to make a multi-colored ornament or separate the colors of the miniature ornaments.

Decorate your Christmas tree with these kid-made Christmas ornaments using clear Christmas ornaments and miniature Christmas ornaments.

Then, use the ornaments to decorate their own Christmas tree or give as a Christmas gift.

Christ clear ornament filled with pink, blue, green and purple miniatured Christmas bulbs Featured Image

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