It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also the busiest! With all the craziness of the holiday season, I know it can be hard to find time to plan and create activities for your children. That’s where these FREE printable worksheets come in. These Snowman Themed Free Printable Alphabet Tracing Printables are a wonderful, low prep activity that will provide your little learner with hours of alphabet letter practice!

Recommended Grade Level:

Snowman Handwriting Activity Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons

Kids will love practicing tracing, independently writing, and searching for letters on these alphabet tracing printables. As they work through the letters of the alphabet they will gain confidence in their ability to write and identify their letters!

What Activities Are Included On These Free Printable Alphabet Worksheets?

There are plenty of educational activities included on these snowman alphabet worksheets!

Each page has a diagram of the lowercase and capital letter, as well as arrows that show the direction to draw the lines and curves. This is a great tool for visual learners!!

There are three lines of practice for tracing and independently writing the capital letter, and two lines for practicing the lowercase letter.

An adorable snowman is on every page with a letter search where children can identify and color in the letter they are working on.

Child's hand practicing writing letters on a printable handwriting worksheet.

What Skills Can Be Practiced Using These Printable Alphabet Worksheets?

One of the wonderful things about these worksheets is they are incredibly versatile! Whether you need alphabet worksheets for kindergarten, preschool, or a different age group, you can make these work for you!

These free printable preschool alphabet worksheets are great for:

Repetition is key when kids learn the letters of the alphabet, and these writing worksheets offer plenty of places to practice!

Snowman Hnadwriting Worksheets

How To Use These Free Alphabet Tracing Worksheets:

Print the alphabet tracing printables onto white card stock or computer paper. Laminate the pages or slip them into clear plastic sleeves if you plan on reusing them.

Assemble the pages into a binder for an easy grab and go activity that is easy to locate and requires a minimal amount of materials!

Let your little one use crayon, highlighter, maker, pencil, or another writing utensil of choice for a one time use activity, or a colorful expo marker for the laminated, reusable pages!

Use these worksheets as an independent work activity, center activity, part of a whole group lesson using a document camera, or as a warm up in the morning!

Hand coloring snowman ABC worksheets with a purple crayon.

Differentiation With These Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets For Kids:

  • Work on as many, or as few handwriting practice worksheets in one sitting as your child wants to do!
  • If your child needs more tracing practice, you can hand write more letters in the blank space for them to trace until they feel comfortable independently writing them.
  • Have your child use colored markers to write rainbow letters and work on their colors while they practice writing their letters!
  • Practice distinguishing between the uppercase and lowercase version of the letters by color coding the letter search. Have them color all the capital letters blue and all the lowercase letters red!
  • As your child becomes more comfortable tracing, writing, and identifying the letters, begin to introduce them to letter sounds.
  • If you child has mastered writing their letters, use the worksheets to practice writing their name, basic vocabulary words, or sight words!

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