My kids love the holidays. I love the holidays. Honestly I don’t know many educators that don’t love the holidays! One of our favorite things about winter and Christmas are the decorations. This snowflake Christmas ornament is so fun to make and even more beautiful to look at. Hang them on your Christmas tree, from a stocking, and even on your window as a sun-catcher. Such a fun way to make the house bright and merry after the holidays.

melting beads crafts for kids. Create melted bead snowflake crafts for kids

Recommended Grade Level:

Melted Bead Christmas Ornament Supplies:

  • Plastic pony beads
  • Metal cookie cutters or a metal muffin tin
  • Baking pan
  • Aluminum foil or parchment paper
  • Drill fitted with ⅛ inch drill bit

Learning About DIY Crafts:

diy snowflake ornaments

Why is it important for our students to participate in crafts?

Self reflection, determination, developing science and math concepts, language development and fine motor skills.

Did I mention this is an awesome science experiment?!

It’s true!

As your students work to create their bead pattern and watch it get melted down, they’re learning about irreversible change and what happens when you take a solid item and place it under high heat.

Melted beads craft for kids.

What Can Preschoolers Learn When Making The Ornament?

snowflake ornament craft


  • Why do you think the beads melted?
  • What other shapes can we make with our ornaments?
  • Describe what the melted ornament feels like.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Make Crafts?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should do art and craft activities with your child.

Math Concepts

This winter ornament can also be used to reinforce counting, patterns, and quantity.

Self Confidence

Children love to see their creations displayed with pride around their classroom or home. When children see their work supported by people they love, this builds self confidence.

Fine Motor Skills

Give your child tweezers or just their tiny fingers to grasp and pick up the beads for the craft. If students are having a hard time, try using larger beads.

Science Strategies

This craft is a great way to talk about something changing from a solid to a liquid. Identifying colors and color changes is also a science concept that can be discussed throughout the activity.

Safety note: Make sure you provide close supervision when using beads for this craft for preschoolers. As you know some tend to put beads up their mouth, in their ears and even up their nose.

Materials needed for the melted bead snowflake ornament:

  • Plastic pony beads
  • Metal cookie cutters or a metal muffin tin
  • Baking pan
  • Aluminum foil or parchment paper
  • Drill fitted with ⅛ inch drill bit

Supplied for melted bead art project for kids: pony beads, metal cookie cutters, baking sheet

How To Use This Homemade Snowflake Christmas Ornament:

For this craft, you’ll preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the time of melting will vary depending on how many beads are used and what type of bead is used for this kid’s craft, the estimated time to melt the beds for this craft is 15 minutes. Make sure you check the beads every 5 minutes and take them out once the snowflake design is fully melted. Otherwise you’ll end up with a burnt snowflake.

And nobody wants that…

How Do You Make Melted Bead Ornaments?

Making a melted pony bead craft is super easy! All you need is plastic beads, metal cookie cutters, baking dishes, and an oven (or a toaster oven.)

I prefer to use pony beads for making melted bead art, but you can mix in glass beads for a different look. I’ve never tried with all glass beads, so I don’t have any experience with those results.

You can also use perler beads, but the results will be opaque and it won’t work well for a sun catcher.

As you get ready to make these melted bead snowflakes, gather up the simple list of supplies and follow the step by step instructions.

I prefer to have one cookie cutter for each child so that no one has to wait while the other kids are creating their melted bead art project.

Also, you definitely want metal cookie cutters for this project. Since the whole goal is to melt the plastic beads, you do not want to use a plastic cookie cutter. Seems logical enough, but I may know someone who didn’t think of that…

And if you don’t have a metal snowflake cookie cutter, you can always use a metal muffin tin to create circle melted bead sun-catchers instead.


Preheat the oven to 400˚F.

Line the baking pan with non-stick aluminum foil to protect the pan and make it easier to release the ornaments from the pan.

Place cookie cutters on aluminum foil in baking pan. Fill each ornament with a single layer of beads. Use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to arrange the beads.

Place cookie cutters on aluminum foil in baking pan. Fill each ornament with a single layer of beads.

Every melted bead snowflake will look different depending on the beading designs within the cookie cutters. You can work to create stripes, polka dots or just leave the design completely random.

Use a snowflake cookie cutter to make ornaments for the Christmas tree or use them as a suncatcher

Carefully put the baking sheet in the oven and melt the beads. The time can vary based on the type of bead and the size of the ornaments.

Begin checking at 5 minutes. (My ornaments took 15 minutes to melt.) The ornaments are ready when the beads are melted and the hole in each bead has disappeared.

You may want to crack a window while the melted bead suncatchers are being made because there is a bit of a melting plastic smell. This is perfectly normal.

Remove from oven and allow to cool completely prior to removing from the cookie cutters. To remove the ornaments, gently pull the sides of the cookie cutter away from the ornament.

Use the drill to create a small hole in each ornament for hanging.

Use the drill to create a small hole in each melted bead ornament for hanging.

The final result will blow your mind that this simple craft can make such a beautiful and timeless ornament.

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