There are lots of options when it comes to picking valentine cards to give to family and friends. Candy valentines, paper hearts, home made valentines, and of course you can’t forget the character valentines you can buy at the store. My favorite valentines are ones that are especially unique, and this valentine with applesauce is just that. Everyone will love this Free Applesauce Valentine Printable for Kids that you attach to an applesauce cup.

Applesauce Valentine's Day Cards Free Printable

This printable applesauce valentine has a picture of an adorable smiling apple and says “Hey Valentine, You are the APPLE of my eye.” It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Your kids will love being involved and helping assemble these apple valentines. Work together assembly line style giving everyone a job, and you will have them put together in no time at all.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Kids Valentine Cards:

Making homemade valentines for kids is not only a fun activity that will keep your kids busy, it is also an activity that is full of developmental benefits.

  • Scissor Skill Practice: Cutting out the valentine card labels is a great way to work on the skill of cutting. Little ones need lots of practice with this skill and this is a great opportunity to work on it.
  • Fine Motor Skill Strengthening: Cutting, pasting, and adding stickers are all good activities for strengthening wrist and hand muscles. They are also all awesome activities for working on hand/eye coordination.
  • Creativity Outlet: DIY valentine day card ideas for kids are a wonderful way to encourage and promote creativity!
  • Letter Recognition Practice: Using letter stamps, foam letter stickers, and tracing hand written messages are all easy and fun ways to work on letter recognition and letter formation skills.
The Free Applesauce Valentine Printable for Kids on apple sauce containers.

Non- Candy Valentine Ideas:

One great thing about this applesauce valentine card is it is a wonderful option for a valentine that does not involve candy. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good candy Valentine!)

Here are some other options for amazing and simple valentine card ideas for preschoolers without candy:

  • Give supplies to create this fun valentines slime or make it and put it into small containers to give out!
  • This bubble wand card makes a cute toddler valentine!
  • A heart themed sensory bottle makes the perfect classroom valentine activity or Valentine’s Day craft for kids at home.
  • Containers of play dough go perfectly with this free pretend play printable for play dough. This is a great activity to promote and support imaginary play.
Apple sauce containers with a free printable on them that says,

How To Use These Easy Valentine Cards For Preschoolers:

This cute Valentine’s Day card is so easy to prepare. Your kids will love helping you assemble them!

Print the cards onto white card stock. Cut out the cards and glue or tape them to your applesauce cups.

More Ideas For Using This Card For Kids:

  • Have a Happy Valentine’s Day lunch! Let your child create their own lunch bag. They can draw hearts on it, write a special Valentine’s message, and decorate it with valentines stickers. Then add your adorable applesauce, a heart shaped sandwich, and some other delicious Valentine’s Day treats. If you are having a nice weather day you can even take it outside for a picnic!
  • This is more than just a child valentine card, it can also help make the perfect gift for an adult. Make a cute apple themed basket and attach the valentine card to it for a teacher, neighbor, or grandparent.
  • Add applesauce to your party treat list and put them out on your kid’s snack table.

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