Putting up the tree is one of my favorite parts about the holidays! Every year it is a trip down memory lane as the ornaments we hang bring back memories of family trips, milestones, and loved ones. All of our ornaments have a special place in my heart, especially those hand made by my children! Each year my children hand make a snowman ornament to add to the tree, and it has become one of my favorite traditions. Once I learned How To Make A Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament, I knew it would be the perfect addition to our tree this year!

Easy Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament

This adorable DIY terra cotta snowman ornament is a fun winter activity that the whole family will enjoy!

Just gather a few simple craft materials, put on a holiday movie, drink some hot cocoa, and you have the perfect family clay pot snowman making evening!

Benefits Of Crafting With Kids:

Creating wonderful family memories is just one of the many benefits to crafting with kids! Here are some other benefits of creating Christmas decorations and other winter crafts with kids:

  • Working on crafts is one of the best ways to strengthen fine motor skills and improve hand eye coordination.
  • Crafting provides a fantastic way for kids to express their creativity.
  • Having kids help set up and clean up crafting projects teaches organization skills and responsibility!
  • Crafting projects can be excellent for sensory development and exploring materials of different textures!
Up close picture of a finished Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament.

How To Create This Terra Cotta Snowman Ornament For Kids:


  • Terracotta Clay Pots (Small or Medium)
  • White Glossy Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon
  • Bells
  • Miniature Black Pom Poms for the Mouth
  • Miniature Orange Pom Poms for the Nose
  • Small Black Pom Poms for the Eyes
  • Fuzzy Red or Green Pom Poms for the Earmuffs
  • Red or Green Chenille Stems for the Earmuffs
  • Coiled Yarn for the Scarf
  • Glue (tacky glue, hot glue, or craft glue will all work well!)
  • Toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers, if needed
The supplies for the Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament.


The first step of this snowman ornament project is to paint your terracotta pot. This step should be done a day or a few hours before you want to build your snowman to allow it time to dry!

Paint the pots on the inside and outside. You can use white spray paint for this part, but most children will enjoy painting their pot by hand!

Terracotta pots painted white.

Allow paint to dry completely and apply a second coat if necessary.

Using a toothpick, clear any excess paint that has dried from the bottom of the pots.

Thread a ribbon approximately 6 inches long through the hoop end of a bell. Position the bell in the middle of the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half and knot the ribbon just above the bell and again about one inch above the first knot.

A hand holding a terracotta pot with a bell tied in it for the Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament.

Thread the ends of the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the terra cotta pot. Tweezers may be helpful for pulling the ribbon through the hole!

Once the ribbon is pulled all the way through the hole, add another knot close to the cut end of the ribbon to create a way to hang the ornament.

Trim the ends of the ribbon to clean up any raveling pieces.

Now it is time to decorate your snowman! Get your kids involved in the process of preparing the materials!

The Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament with the eyes, nose and scarf attached.

Have little ones sort the pom poms and chenille stems by color onto paper plates for easy access!

Make the scarf by placing the coiled yarn around the pot. Secure using glue.

Use tacky glue or glue dots to adhere the orange pom pom for the nose, small black pom poms for the eyes, and miniature black pom poms for the mouth.

Terracotta Pot Snowman Ornament tall image.

To create ear muffs, fold a chenille stem in half, cut to the desired length, and glue the ends in place. Glue a red or green pom pom over each end of the chenille stem.

Allow all of the glue time to dry and then hang your adorable terra cotta pot snowman onto your tree!

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