Learning CVC words in kindergarten is an exciting step for learners. It means they know many letters and sounds and are starting to get the idea that when we blend those sounds together we make a word! This is not an easy task and it does require a ton of repetition and practice with CVC words, worksheets, activities, and games. I created these ten activities for learning the -ad word family! I’ve included puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more! Don’t miss out on these easy-prep short a CVC word hands-on activities for valuable student practice all year long.

10 activities for learning the ad word family! Puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more!

Recommended Grade Level:

CVC -ad Word Family Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Paper Cutter/Scissors
  • Dice
  • Crayon/Pencil
  • Glue Stick
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Kids will have so much fun spelling with these fun word family file folder games! Hundreds of CVC, CVCe, CCVC words for lots of learning opportunities.

Learning Short Vowel Word Families in Kindergarten



Teaching students to decode words takes a lot of time and patience. I find that small groups work the best because kids progress at different paces.

Remember that children should simultaneously work on phonemic awareness skills while learning to decode. When working on word family worksheets or games they can repeat or produce rhymes, identify beginning/middle/ending sounds, and change sounds to make new words.

These ten -ad word family worksheets and activities are designed to give a varied approach to reading. Kids will not get bored because each activity is different.

I love seeing my students’ confidence grow as they gain automaticity with CVC words and word families. It’s so exciting for everyone involved!

In addition to decoding CVC words, you can focus on why the vowel sound is short as opposed to long. It’s never too early to start talking about our reading code and how it really works:

  • When one or more consonants come after the vowel, it says its short sound.
  • We call that syllable type a closed syllable.
  • In order to say their long sound, a vowel needs to have another letter, like “e” at the end of the syllable.
  • When I see a vowel sitting between two consonants (CVC), I know it will say its short sound.
10 activities for learning the ad word family! Puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more!

What Can Young Readers Learn While Working With CVC Word Lists?



Printable worksheets, games and activities are great hands-on opportunities for kids to interact with letters and sounds. With every practice session, kids learn new skills to apply to reading:

  • Letter/sound association
  • Blending
  • Fluency
  • Rhyming
10 activities for learning the ad word family! Puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more!

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Word Families?

Learning to read takes engagement, concentration, and practice. When we introduce word families as a way to start recognizing letters in groups, it helps kids develop automaticity.

Develops Fluency: Knowledge of word families helps children learn how to spot patterns, identify root words, and understand common meanings or sounds. This helps in word recognition leading to the development of reading fluency.

Promotes Rhyming: This takes rhyming to the next level. Now kids can not only hear that bat/cat rhyme, but they can see that they are spelled with the same letters at the end of the word.

Background Knowledge: Learning simple word families, like -ad, -op, -ig, gives kids valuable background knowledge when they begin to learn more complex patterns, like -tion, -cle, or -ight.

Increases Word ID: When a child learns to read “cat,” they can read one word. However, when they practice the -at family, they can then read “hat/mat/sat/fat” and more with greater ease because they have connected the sounds together.

CVC -ad Word Family Activities

3-Part Puzzles: Complete the word and match to the picture. 

Memory: Match pictures and words in this fun memory game. 

Color by Letter: Kids will love finding the letters to match the sounds of these CVC words. Plus, opportunities to practice tracing the words. 

Tracing Cards:  Laminate these tracing cards and they can be used in a word work center with erasable markers/crayons for lots of opportunities to practice.

10 activities for learning the ad word family! Puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more!

2 Mini Books ad words” and “Making sentences with ad Words“: Simple books will have your kids reading short sentences made from the ad word family and sight words.

-ad Word Family Sort: Students will sort pictures that are part of the –ad word family and words that are not.

Alphabet Line and Beginning Sound Match-up: Create this alphabet line and have students match the pictures to the beginning sound.

Cut and Paste Beginning Sounds: Build fine-motor skills with these simple cut and paste beginning sound match-ups.

Color the Word Family Maze: Color the words that are in the ad word family to get from beginning to end of the maze!

Roll and Color: Kids always love dice! They roll and read the matching word with this fun activity!

Puzzles, Memory and Tracing cards are formatted with both color and B/W.

10 activities for learning the ad word family! Puzzles, dice, mini-books, tracing, coloring and more!

Flip Book

Word family flip books are a great way to provide repeated practice on any word family. Students can keep them in their desk and pull them out when they have a few minutes to spare.

Musical Chairs

When it’s time to get up and moving, place chairs in a circle. Put an index card with an -ad family word on it. Kids walk/dance around the chairs. When the music stops, they find a chair and read the word.

Word Building

Building words with letter tiles is an important component of word study. Give kids an -ad family word (bad), ask them to say the sounds, and then build the word with letter tiles. Repeat and point out that the first sound changes, but the -ad stays the same.

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