200 + FREE Hands-On Kindergarten Activities

Make Kindergarten fun again! There are no worksheets here! Only exciting, hands-on activities for any kindergarten classroom! You’ll find STEM, reading, math, sensory activities and more learning games to use throughout the school year!

200+ amazing, hands-on printables and activities for kindergarten! Alphabet activities, math games, counting games, kindergarten dice games for math centers and so.much.more!

What is the focus of kindergarten?

Kindergarten introduces a lot of skills, but it is super important to keep student engagement high! I’ve never met anyone who LOVED sitting at a desk doing worksheet after worksheet. Let alone 5 year olds…

Click on the skills below to go directly to the best hands-on learning activities for young learners.

Table of Contents: (Please note these links will take you directly to these skills on this page, so that you don’t have to scroll.)

Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

What concepts should kindergarteners know?

While for most kids the alphabet is introduced at the preschool level, it takes many times of reviewing it before it becomes a solidified skills. The reality is that many kindergarten students arrive on the first day of school with little knowledge of the alphabet.

There are several layers in the foundation of literacy success.

  • Letter recognition
    • Uppercase Letters
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Combined
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Vowel Sounds
  • Ending Sounds

All of these skills are important kindergarten standards to build successful readers!

More Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

Reading and Beginning Phonics Kindergarten Activities

How do you teach kindergarteners to read?

Kindergarteners learning to read is one of my favorite things!! I love hearing them form those first words and start on the road to reading! These literacy activities make learning fun.

More Beginning Reader and Phonics Activities

Sight Word Activities and Printables for Kindergarten

What are fun learning activities beyond the letters of the alphabet?

More Hands-On Sight Word Activities

Counting Activities and Printables for Kindergarten

What kindergarten math activities are best?

Playful learning in the classroom setting is key. The more kindergarten kids experience fun, hands-on learning, the more they will learn because it simply feels like play.

Many hands-on math activities also build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which is a huge bonus.

Free printable math worksheets for counting to 10. Trace the number, color the array, color number word by number.

Mini Eraser Counting Grids

More Themed Counting Grids

Free printable counting grids in Spanish and English. Chocolate chip Counting activities

Counting Cards for 1-10

Winter and Valentine’s Day Counting Cards

Fall Theme Counting Cards

Play Dough Number Mats for Counting

Themed Number Mats for Kindergarten Math

Math Dice Games for Counting

More themed Roll and Count Dice Games for Kindergarten

Spring Dice Games for Counting

Summer Dice Games for Kindergarten

Fall Dice Games

Winter Roll and Count Dice Games

More Counting Activities

Ten-Frame Counting Games

Themed Counting Activities

Non-Printable Hands-On Kindergarten Counting Activities

Kindergarten Addition Activities: Addition to 10

These activities are designed to engage young learners in a fun way while solidifying foundational math skills. Utilizing colorful cubes and interactive number lines, these activities transform the learning experience, making addition concepts accessible and enjoyable for every child. Whether it’s hands-on manipulatives or visual aids, discover innovative strategies to foster a deep understanding of addition within the essential range of numbers up to 10.

More Hands-On Addition Activities

Graphing Activities and Printables for Kindergarten

Graphing activities are crucial for kindergarteners, especially towards the end of the year, as they develop data interpretation skills and introduce basic analytical thinking. Incorporating graphing into school activities helps children visualize information, make comparisons, and build essential math and problem-solving abilities.

Kindergarten 2D and 3D Shape Activities and Printables

Our shape printables are tailored to ignite young learners’ curiosity and understanding of spatial concepts. From hands-on manipulatives to interactive games, discover innovative ways to introduce and explore shapes in both two and three dimensions, making learning both fun and educational.

Kindergarten Shape Activities and Printables

Shape Matching Games

Winter Shape Printables and Activities

Hands-on Shape Games and Activities

Let your kids explore shapes with this simple shape sensory bag for preschoolers. Trace the shapes, play I Spy, shake up the rice and start all over! A great shape activity for kids!

More Shape Activities

Fine Motor Learning Activities for Kindergarten

Each fine motor activity is designed to enhance dexterity and hand-eye coordination through engaging experiences. From fun crafts involving scissors to tactile explorations like shaving cream art, discover innovative projects that not only foster skill development but also culminate in cherished keepsakes like a memory book.

Fine Motor Art and Fun Craft Activities

25+ Fine Motor Toys & Activities Kids Will Love

Snap Cube Fine Motor Mats for Learning

LEGO Fine Motor Activities

More Kindergarten Learning with LEGO

Themed Gross Motor Games and Brain Breaks for Kindergarten

Gross motor games for toddlers, preschoolers and beyond play a pivotal role in promoting physical development, coordination, and spatial awareness among young learners. Engaging in these activities not only enhances motor skills but also fosters social interaction, teamwork, and overall physical well-being, laying a foundation for healthy habits and active lifestyles.

Tons of fun with these Five Little Ducks on the Pond gross motor activities! Love the free printables!

Kindergarten Science Themes and Activities

Science activities in kindergarten cultivate curiosity, critical thinking, and a foundational understanding of the natural world, fostering a lifelong appreciation for scientific inquiry. Adding hands-on experiments and explorations to the schedule stimulates cognitive development, enhances observational skills, and nurtures a sense of wonder, setting the stage for future academic success and scientific literacy.

Kindergarten STEAM Activities and Printables

STEM Investigations for Kindergarten

More STEAM Investigations

Emotions Activities for Kindergarten

Learning about emotions in kindergarten is crucial as it equips young children with essential skills to recognize, understand, and manage their feelings, fostering emotional intelligence and positive social interactions.

Emotions Board Game

Gingerbread Emotions Printables