They say good things come in threes: wishes, the third rock from the sun, bears (well… maybe not bears). You get the idea. It’s critical that children learn the importance and function of numbers. This includes counting them, identifying number symbols, and using them to figure out more about the world around us.

Our number 3 tracing worksheets are a great way to practice important skills that all of our young kiddos need. Plus, these printable number worksheets are super easy to get and are FREE! I always say, “if it’s free, it’s for me!”. Whether your little mathematicians are using manipulatives, pencils, play dough, or markers, they are sure to practice multiple skills with the number worksheets for kindergarten.

– Life Over C's Printable number worksheets to learn all about the number 3.

Recommended Grade Level:

Number 3 Worksheet Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Counting Manipulatives

Recommended Grade Level/Uses

For Number Worksheets:

Preschool kindergarten
special education Morning Work

Learning How To Teach Number Recognition:

kindergarten number worksheets

How many do I have? Which group has the most? What letters are in the word three? How do I use a number line? These are all questions that students can ask when learning about numbers.

There are so many ways to differentiate learning based on your child’s needs with the free number tracing worksheets. Pick and choose what activity works best for their needs.

Included in the 15 number recognition worksheets are activities that focus on tracing and writing, counting, creating the letter 3 with play dough, and playing I Spy for the missing number. The number 3 is also represented in different ways; ten frame, number symbol, number word, counting fingers, and base ten blocks.

Our number 3 traceable worksheets can be used:

  • In a math center
  • On a rainy day
  • After a classroom activity or assignment was finished
  • On road trips
  • During small group activities

In addition to number writing, here are more concepts to explore using the number writing worksheets:

How Can Number Practice Worksheets Help Our Learners?

kindergarten math
  • Identifying groups
  • Building upon numbers (adding)
  • Counting fluency (ease and speed of counting)
  • Comparing and contrasting numbers

Why Is It Important For Kids To Use Math Worksheets?

Besides the fact that kids love showing you how much they know, there are so many other reasons you should work on math concepts with your kids.

Build a Relationship With Numbers

In order for children to be successful in understanding quantity, they must build a relationship with numbers. Using math language jolts thinking skills and making connections with numbers.

Develop Writing Skills

Children can use pencils, pens, markers, or other fun writing tools to trace and practice writing number words. Our students can understand that lines and curves can make many different letters and words.

Building Fine Motor Skills

Not only will students build fine motor skills by tracing and writing, but they will also use their tiny fingers to roll play dough, place manipulatives, and use a BINGO dotter.

Cognitive Sorting

A child’s brain needs to be able to sort the information of the numbers or group of objects they are seeing. Grouping and comparing can build on a child’s understanding of adding and subtracting.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

What’s Included in the Number 3 Worksheet Set?

How To Use The Activity:

  • Choose your option below to get the printable pack.
  • Easy peasy… just print it out and laminate if desired.

There are so many options to use these tools depending on your student’s needs.

Pages can be laminating for multiple uses. Bring out the play dough, dry erase markers and math counters to make the activities more interactive and hands on.

Extend the Activity:

I Spy the Number

Use the I Spy Number sheet as a small group activity. Give the students BINGO dotters and see how many number 3’s they can find. You can also check for understanding of other numbers.

Challenging Words

Create word cards and challenge students to read the number words. These cards can be created in English and Spanish.

Matching Game

Print and cut out the different images representing the number 3 (fingers, ten frame, number symbol, word). Have students play a matching game with additional numbers and see how many they get correct.

Parking Lot Grid

Use the Life Over C’s Parking Lot Math Grid to park the correct number of cars in their parking spots. Play and learning?! Who knew (wink)!

Interactive Notebook

Have students practice writing the number 3 in a math journal or on one of our interactive notebooks.

Create a Book

In addition to our number worksheets, have your class create a number 3 book by writing and drawing 3 of their favorite things.

Focus Skills

For Number 3 Worksheets:

visual discrimination visual scanning working memory partner play Language Development cognitive sorting counting hand-eye coordination
– Life Over C's Printable number recognition worksheets for the number 3.
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