Are you a new teacher wondering how to teach number recognition? Are you a seasoned teacher trying to spice up kindergarten number worksheets? This packet is for you! Whether you’ve been using number recognition activities for decades or this is your first or second go-around with our young learners, we’ve got you!

The Printable Number 2 Worksheets for Tracing and Number Recognition is a huge, complete packet of math worksheets that is as versatile as your students. The free printable worksheets can be used in small groups, whole-class, centers and more! I can’t wait for you to get your hands (and theirs) onto this amazing resource.

Recommended Grade Level/Uses

For Number 2 Traceable Worksheets:

Preschool kindergarten early elementary
special education Math small Groups
Number 2 worksheets to practice number recognition and number formation.

Learning About Numbers 1-10:



Introducing numbers and letters in preschool and kindergarten takes time, patience, and tons of hands-on practice where the children engage with numbers or letters in multiple tactile ways.

It’s important for young learners to establish a firm understanding of numbers to move on to more complex math concepts in future grades.

I created the Number 2 Tracing Worksheet packet to provide your students with weeks of varied practice. It’s definitely not a “one and done” print off! You can create and teach your students partner games to play with some of the pages, laminate them for repeated number writing practice, or even send them home for additional review.

The free number tracing worksheets include 15 pages of number activities:

  • Numeral tracing
  • Number word tracing/reading
  • Counting/coloring objects
  • Discerning the correct number among others
  • Cut/sort numerals and groups

The printable number worksheets can be used in lots of creative ways! Once you show students how to complete the tracing number worksheets, you can make many copies to stash at the math center for repeated practice. Or, if you don’t like 8,000 pieces of paper floating around your room, laminate the number recognition worksheets.

Trust me, learning all the different aspects of numbers is a tall order, and your students will gain confidence and pride as their number sense skills grow with repeated practice.

Don’t just hand out the worksheet and turn your attention elsewhere! Instead, use the pages as unique learning opportunities to really delve into all aspects of each number! Asking thoughtful questions as students work with numbers helps them to develop a sense of the value of numbers and what they “look” like.

  • Is this a large/small number? How do you know?
  • When you fill in the ten frame how many spaces are full/empty?
  • Does Number 2 have curved/straight/both lines?
  • What does the numeral look like?
  • Can you find a group of 2 in the room?

What Number Sense Skills Will Kindergarteners Sharpen?



Number writing worksheets teach more than just correct number formation:

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Numbers 1-10?

Counting is a natural, effortless part of childhood learning because kids love engaging in games and songs. They don’t need to know the important math foundation they’re laying, but teachers and parents do!

Builds Motor Skills

Counting and manipulating objects has an added benefit of building important fine motor muscles children need for handwriting. Children can even build gross motor muscles by counting hops/jumps/skips or bending themselves into each numeral.

Improves Short-Term Memory

Processing data quickly is a product of short term memory. Practicing using your short-term memory can also help strengthen long-term memory and the ability to recall information at a later time.

Develops Automaticity

When kids first learn to count it can be slow and labor-intensive. As young learners become familiar with counting sequences, they develop an automaticity that is crucial for being able to apply counting to more advance math concepts.

Encourages Comparisons

The more numbers introduced through tracing number worksheets, kids start to assimilate and organize numbers in their brains by comparing and talking about which one is bigger/smaller, straight lines/curvy lines, etc.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

What’s Included in the Number 2 Worksheets Set?

How To Use These Number 2 Printables

How to Use the Activity

  • Choose your option below to get the printable pack
  • Print the worksheet pages

Using the Number 2 Printable

Use the printable number packet in a variety of ways! Choose what works best for your students:

  • Laminate the tracing pages for write/wipe practice at the math center.
  • Use a page to introduce or review the number.
  • Introduce a game where pairs take turns dotting the number on the Do-a-Dot page.
  • Staple the packet and send it home.
  • Use plastic/wooden numbers in the sensory bin to find and match the numbers on a laminated page.
Number practice worksheets focusing on the number 2.

Sensory Table

Many of the pages are conducive to sensory learning. Just protect the page by laminating or inserting into a sleeve and children can count objects onto the number page, trace with dry erase markers, or build numbers with play dough.


With a little creativity, you can turn many of the pages into easy partner games. Maybe roll a die, count the dots, then color it in on the maze. Or, draw a number from a deck of cards and name the number. When a student draw a 2 (or whatever number you’re working on), they can jump up and hop two times.


If you download my entire pack of number tracing worksheets 1-20, you have a wealth of printables to leave out for students that finish early, or need extra practice on a particular number. Some students will need extra reinforcement on those “trickier” numbers like 6, 9, or…?

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Focus Skills

For Number 2 Worksheets :

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Number 2 worksheets for kindergarten and preschool.
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