What does it take for kids to truly learn numbers? Naming, tracing, writing, finding, counting…repeat! Learning to count with ease and recognize numerals quickly are key components of early math curricula. The trick is to give students multiple opportunities to practice all of these skills until they reach automaticity.

You’re going to love the Free Printable Number 4 Worksheets for Tracing and Number Recognition. I’ve done all the work for you, including TONS of opportunities for hands-on number learning. The packet can be as simple as print and go, or you can spice up any of the pages by making them into an activity with manipulatives. Enjoy!

Number 4 worksheet packet for tracing and number recognition.

Recommended Grade Level:

Number 4 Worksheet Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Counting Manipulatives

Recommended Grade Level/Uses

For Number Worksheets:

Preschool kindergarten
special education Morning Work

Learning About Kindergarten Math:



Introducing numbers and letters in preschool and kindergarten takes time, patience, and tons of hands-on practice where the children engage with numbers or letters in multiple tactile ways.

Kids love hands-on games and activities, so they don’t even realize they are establishing a firm understanding of numbers to move on to more complex math concepts in future grades.

The Number 4 Tracing Worksheet packet will give your students weeks of varied practice. It’s definitely not a “one and done” print off! You can create and teach your students partner games to play with some of the pages, laminate them for repeated number writing practice, or even send them home for additional review.

The free number tracing worksheets include 15 pages of number activities:

  • Numeral tracing
  • Number word tracing/reading
  • Counting/coloring objects
  • Discerning the correct number among others
  • Cut/sort numerals and groups

The printable number worksheets can be used in lots of creative ways! Once you show students how to complete the tracing number worksheets, you can make many copies to stash at the math center for repeated practice. Or, if you don’t like 8,000 pieces of paper floating around your room, laminate the number recognition worksheets.

Don’t just hand out the worksheet and turn your attention elsewhere! Instead, use the pages as unique learning opportunities to really delve into all aspects of each number! Asking thoughtful questions as students work with numbers helps them to develop a sense of the value of numbers and what they “look” like.

  • Is this a large/small number? How do you know?
  • How do you show 4 on your fingers?
  • When you fill in the ten frame how many spaces are full/empty?
  • Does Number 4 have curved/straight/both lines?
  • Can you find a group of 4 in the room?

What Math Skills Can Children Build?



  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Fine motor muscles
  • Counting fluency
  • Number discernment
  • Correct number formation habits

How Do the Number Worksheets Help Kids?

Math worksheets are a great way to practice writing and identifying numbers. As children become more familiar with identifying the correct number, other math skills will begin to bloom.

Develops Automaticity: Teaching number recognition takes a lot of repetition. Over time, students develop the automaticity that is required to move effortlessly into complex concepts, like adding and subtracting.

Improves Fine Motor Skills: Any opportunity to build small muscles in the hands and fingers is a great idea for young learners. As children pick up small objects to count and write on the number 4 traceable worksheets, those muscles slowly strengthen.

Develops Number Flexibility: Learning to identify numbers includes a lot more than just knowing a four is a four! As kids count, they learn what a group of four looks like, that four is more than one, and that it’s less than ten. That is number flexibility at a basic level.

Improves Counting Fluency: When counting comes effortlessly, other things follow. Adding and subtracting are easier tasks when kids understand the numbers going into the equation. Naming, tracing and counting numbers helps develop that fluency.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

What’s Included in the Number 4 Worksheets Set?

How To Use The Number 4 Tracing Worksheets

  • Choose your option below to get the printable pack.
  • Print the pages and decide how to use them.

Using the Number Practice Worksheets

There are so many ways to use the Number 4 free printable worksheets!

If you want to keep it simple, just print the tracing printables and use them during a math lesson.

If you want to get creative:

  • Laminate the tracing number worksheet and place at the math center.
  • Use the dot pages as a number line on the wall.
  • Print on colored paper and use any page as a counting mat to place counters/manipulatives.
  • Staple the pages together and send them home as review/extra practice.

Extend the Learning with the Number Worksheets

Sequencing Cards

Download all of the number tracing packets 1-20. Then use the dot pages as large sequencing cards at the math center.

Counting Mats

Laminate your favorite number page(s) and use it as a counting mat where students count objects, matching the number on each page.

Use Stickers

Give students holiday/monthly themed stickers to find and cover a number on the number grid, giving new life to an ‘old’ activity each month.

Write and Wipe

Laminate any and all of the number writing worksheets so students can easily trace/write and wipe over and over again.

Game Time

The grid or I Spy number worksheets for kindergarten easily transform into a game. Add a die, or a set of number cards, and ask kids to take turns rolling/drawing and finding the number.

Get Additional Numbers

In addition to our Number 4 Worksheets, find more free number tracing worksheets on Life Over C’s here.

Focus Skills

For Printable Number Worksheets:

visual discrimination visual scanning working memory partner play Language Development cognitive sorting counting hand-eye coordination
Number practice worksheets for learning about the number 4.
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