Learning to recognize and write numbers 1-10 are key early math activities. And we know children learn best with engaging, hands-on activities that can be repeated again and again. I created these number worksheets for kindergarten and preschool students to delve into each number many different ways.

The Free Printable Number 1 Worksheets for Tracing and Number Recognition are packed with multiple ways to explore Number 1! Children can trace it, find it, dot it, write, count it, build it and sort it! Now that covers ALL the facets of any number!

– Life Over C's Free kindergarten number recognition worksheets for the number 1.

Recommended Grade Level:

Number 1 Worksheet Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • Crayons or Markers

Learning About Kindergarten Math:

Number writing and recognition

Early math games are key to developing fluency in counting and number recognition. Count orally with your students often and point to the number line as you count.

Then, as children gain confidence and accuracy counting out loud, you can begin to match the numbers with the numerals by mixing them up and having students identify each number.

The free printable worksheets provide opportunities for students to practice writing, tracing, and finding the correct number.

I included 15 activity pages for Number 1! In addition to number 1 tracing worksheets, you’ll find pages with lines to write the number word, activities to practice counting and coloring the correct number of objects, cut and sort activities, filling in the missing number, and also looking at the number in different ways (ten frame, fingers, and base ten blocks).

There are so many chances for exploration in this one number tracing packet! Use the printable number worksheets however they work best for you:

  • Math Center
  • Small Group
  • Whole Class
  • Homework

In addition to providing fine motor skill practice by writing and tracing, this kindergarten number worksheet offers:

  • One-to-one correspondence (counting groups of objects)
  • Recognizing different ways to “show” a number
  • Visual acuity to discern between other numbers
  • Multiple repetitions to gain automaticity and ease with Number 1

How Do Number Tracing Worksheets Benefit Preschool and Kindergarten Kids?


Number writing worksheets pdf go way beyond drawing numbers on pieces of paper! By exploring each number in-depth students build crucial math foundational skills:

  • Counting fluency
  • Recognizing groups
  • Discerning specific numbers
  • Understanding of number comparison

Why Is It Important For Kids To Use Number Recognition Worksheets?

Number tracing printables are an important component of early math because kids need multiple opportunities to practice writing and drawing numbers before it becomes automatic.

Builds Fine Motor Muscles

In order for children to be able to write letters and numbers, they must build up the muscles used to do that! Free number tracing worksheets help guide small hands to correct formation.

Improves Counting

The more opportunities we give kids to count objects, the better. Counting different groups of objects to the target number keeps learning interesting while providing valuable practice.

Encourages Comparisons

The more numbers introduced through tracing number worksheets, kids start to assimilate and organize numbers in their brains by comparing and talking about which one is bigger/smaller, straight lines/curvy lines, etc.

Develops Automaticity

Ultimately, children need to count, write, and read numbers quickly to be able to complete more complex tasks. Repetition and practice early on help kids gain the confidence and skills they need to excel at math.

“My multi-aged group loved this even more than I thought they would! “

My kiddos love this! I use it for early finishers or in the morning while they are staggering in during breakfast. They are very engaged and enjoy playing!

What’s Included in the Number 1 Worksheets Set?

How To Use Number 1 Traceable Worksheets

How to Use the Activity

  • Choose your option below to get the printable pack.
  • Print the number worksheets.

Using the Number 1 Worksheets

This is truly a print-and-go activity! There are lots of options, depending on the needs of your students and how you want to implement it.

You can staple the packet together, or use any of pages as individual activities. Use it as a way to check for understanding, or use it as a lesson!

Pull out the manipulatives so children can practice with hands-on objects.

– Life Over C's Free printable number worksheets for kindergarten.

Extend the Activity:

Math Center

Print and laminate the I Spy number grid so students can use a dry-erase marker at the math center over and over.


Send home the entire packet for students to work through at home. They will be proud to share this learning with family.

Cumulative Pack

Choose one page from each pack, Numbers 1-10, and work through it as a review of each number.


Simple games are easy to create and teach to your students. Grab a die and one of the printables. Maybe students have to roll a 1 to be able to find and color a 1 on the number grid.

Counting Mat

The large do-a-dot page would laminate nicely and serve as a counting mat for students to count various objects onto at the math center.


Need number posters for a bulletin board or reference wall? You could use the rainbow write page for number words, or the dot page to post in the classroom.

Focus Skills

For Number 1 Worksheets:

visual discrimination visual scanning working memory partner play Language Development cognitive sorting counting hand-eye coordination
– Life Over C's Number tracing worksheets and number writing worksheets for the number 1.
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– Life Over C's Printable number worksheets all about the number 1.

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