Hands-On Themed Units for Learning

Themed units make learning so fun! The multi-sensory approach to learning makes the information stick so much better! Easily plan your day with these hands-on activities for kindergartners.

Whether it’s doing a science project, sensory exploration, math games, literacy or art, focusing on a theme for a week or two gives kids time to focus on one thing.

Each of these hands-on themed units for learning will inspire kids to explore topics in-depth while having lots of fun!

Animal Theme Activities For Kindergartners

Though you could certainly incorporate these into your science or nature unit studies as well, sometimes it’s just as much fun to study animals all on their own!

Include simple gross motor activities by encouraging your students to move like the different animals.

Summer Activities for Kindergartners

Just because it’s the summer, doesn’t mean that the learning has to end! Whether you have a year-round program, an early start in the summer months, or a late ending in the summer months, kids can still learn with these fun unit study activities.

Or, if you want to shake it up a bit, adapt the themes for use in winter during those colder months to bring a bit of sunshine and fun into your plans.

Spring Activities for Kindergartners

There are so many fun things to talk about in the Spring, aren’t there? From life returning to the earth to Earth Day, to gardens, and holidays like Easter; Spring is just blooming with ideas.

Fall Activities for Kindergartners

Fall is usually when kids are heading back to school. The weather is crisp and things all around us start to change. Fall is such a fun time to study delicious foods, too!

There are so many things to learn about during Christmas time, aren’t there? Whether you’re focusing on Christmas trees, yummy gingerbread, or something else; Christmas gives our kids so many hands-on ways to learn.

Winter Activities for Kindergartners

From snowflakes to snowmen to snow, there’s so much hands-on fun to be had when you’re learning about winter!

Valentine Activities for Kindergartners

Valentine’s Day is more than just chocolate and cards. We know that as adults, but for our kids? There’s so much to be learned! From math to sensory to science, you’ll find it all with these hands-on activities.

Science Activities for Kindergartners

Who doesn’t love science? Though you can really incorporate science activities into any type of unit, these theme units are really focused to one hands-on science topic. 

More Fun Hands-On Activities for Kindergartners

When you make learning fun, kids often don’t realize that they’re learning! And really, isn’t that the joy of hands-on activities for kids in the first place? Use one of these fun ideas to put the joy into learning.