Easy At-Home-Learning Activities with Household Materials

At-home-learning is definitely different than we’re all used to. Even homeschoolers are reeling with the change in routine requiring them to stay at home, miss co-ops, field trips and other out of the home activities. And going from being a working parent to a work-at-home-at-home-learning parent is a HUGE change. And many families don’t have a printer at home or aren’t already signed up for HP Instant Ink if they do have a printer, so printing is expensive. Even the simplest no-prep printables can be a deal-breaker for those without a printer. So, I’ve put together a HUGE resource of Easy Learning Activities with household materials. That way everyone can keep learning. Printer or not.

90+ free learning activities for preschool and kindergarten that don't require a printer! All the materials can be found easily in most homes or adapted to work with whatever supplies you have!

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Non-Printable Alphabet Activities

Alphabet I Spy Sensory Bottle for preschoolers. Practice letter identification with your preschoolers using this EASY DIY sensory bottle
Gather your magnetic letters for a simple alphabet I Spy game! Customize it for names, specific letters or match uppercase letters to lowercase letters.

Non-Printable Color Activities

15+ rainbow crafts for kids: rainbow candle holder, rainbow danish hearts, rainbow paper plate sorting activity for kids
This color sorting castle for preschoolers is great for fine-motor skills and matching colors!

DIY Matching Activities for Preschoolers

These DIY transportation dominoes for matching are perfect for a "new" game without going to the store.

Sorting Activities with Items You Have

Colors are so much fun to sort when it involves rainbow animal counters! This animal counter sorting activity looks so easy to set up too!

Non-Printable Counting Activities

Make some fun button counting cards for a tactile way to practice counting with your preschoolers!
Counting falling stars is a hands-on way to get your preschooler counting! This would make a great addition to a solar system unit or learning about the stars & moon.

Easy Addition Activities

what makes ten math facts game fb

Graphing Activities for Kids

This car graphing bubble wrap activity is a super fun way to learn about graphing!!

Non-Printable Pattern Activities

DIY Shape Activities

Let your kids explore shapes with this simple shape sensory bag for preschoolers. Trace the shapes, play I Spy, shake up the rice and start all over! A great shape activity for kids!

STEM Activities with Household Materials

STEM Respiratory System Investigation. Learn how the healthy lungs work, plus the effect that asthma and other lung infections affect our breathing.
Make a glow in the dark lava lamp and learn about science at the same time in this fun summer science activity for kids! Tons of educational fun!
Keep your kids learning with a tin can telephone lesson on sound wave science! Hands-on science is the best way to get scientific concepts to stick!
Get out and enjoy the fresh spring air with this fun Spring Flower STEM Investigation for Preschoolers. Combine science, math, art and technology while learning about flowers.

Fine Motor Learning Activities

This fine-motor frog life cycle activity is perfect for preschoolers!

Gross Motor Learning Activities

This animal gross motor activity for preschoolers is a fun way to get up and move while learning about animals. Use it to fit any animal theme.

Process Art Activities

Beautiful works of art made from gloop!

Sensory Activities with Household Items

This frog pond sensory is a fun way to explore the life cycle of frogs, learn about their habitat and just have fun!
Explore this river small world habitat with your kids!
Farm Animals Counting and Sorting Sensory Bin
This night sky sensory bin complete with the black base and super sparkly stars was so fun to explore for #PlayfulPreschool
If You Give a Dog a Donut book preschool lesson plan and sensory activity
90+ free learning activities for preschool and kindergarten that don't require a printer! All the materials can be found easily in most homes or adapted to work with whatever supplies you have!