Hands-On Activities for Elementary

Making learning fun is important for older kids too! No one wants to sit around doing flash cards and worksheets all day. These hands-on activities for elementary-aged students are a great way to get kids excited about learning!

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More Hands-On Addition Activities

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– Life Over C's Your kids will love these LEGO STEM challenge cards! The perfect learning activity to get kids interested in learning when they think they are just playing with LEGO! All of these challenges have been 'tween-approved'.  – Life Over C's Child-Led STEAM Density Investigation. A child directed version of the old classic. I love the wonder in their eyes as they investigate density!  – Life Over C's Explore the deep, blue sea with this ocean currents science experiment for kids. Learn how currents form and watch as they are created right before your eyes!
– Life Over C's These Building Block STEM challenge cards are a great way to work engineering, math, planning and more into your school day! Or use them just for fun!  – Life Over C's Your child is a STEM genius. I promise. These 25+ (hilarious) signs will confirm it for you.  – Life Over C's These free printable STEM pattern blocks task cards are a great way to involve STEM into your day!

More STEM/STEAM Activities